Construction Management

This is the activity of guiding a design through its construction processes to have a built home. At Architectural Design Services, we have 30 years of Construction Management experience. This level of experience helps increase the quality of the construction nuances for a far superior finished living space. We enjoy patiently helping with the basic needs of construction management which can be finding the subcontractors, selecting finished products, writing the specifications for the work, scheduling their initial site visit for estimating purposes, negotiating an agreement, and writing a contract.
If the homeowner can manage the subcontractors from this point, then our work is complete. If the homeowner desires continued construction management efforts from us, that will entail - our visits to the job site to oversee quality control, scheduling inspectors, communicating payout information, attaining lien waivers and answering any questions about the construction process from the subcontractors and the homeowners. We charge $80 per hour or 15% of the subcontractor's contract. The latter of the two methods keeps the cost fixed. If we can answer any further questions about Construction Management please don't hesitate to ask.